Roar Simulation helps companies make informed, data-driven decisions using automation modeling experts and best-in-class tools.

Whether evaluating a new material handling automation system or making changes to existing operations, Roar Simulation shows companies how their new designs and ideas will perform. Roar Simulation engineers possess decades of experience,  allowing you to make key decisions with confidence. 

Consulting Partners

Matthew Hobson-Rohrer

Matthew Hobson-Rohrer has been in the simulation industry for more than 30 years. He has experience with multiple simulation technologies, and has focussed on simulation applications in material handling and automation. Matt has been a leader in the simulation community as well, chairing the Winter Simulation Conference in 2001, and leading the WSC case studies track in recent years.

Matt enjoys the mountain lifestyle of Utah, mountain biking, hiking, and skiing with his family.

Read more about Matt’s experience on LinkedIn.

Kenneth Main

Ken Main has been a user/developer of material handling simulation for more than 40 years. Early in his simulation experience Ken for a few years was president of the national AutoMod User Group. His extensive project management sought the use of tools to support engineering analysis and quantifications; simulation used in many cases.

After leaving project management, Ken picked up simulation to continue being involved in the technical industry. In heavy industrial and large inventory warehouse material handling systems Ken has helped clients properly size and justify their material handling systems. Kens enjoys boating, cruises, travel, grandkids sports activities and many years being the local high school football statistician for the team and local radio.

Eric Seeyave

Eric Seeyave has more than 30 years of simulation experience in warehousing and distribution centers, express parcel and postal services, baggage systems, automated material handling systems, manufacturing, transportation, pharmaceutical, agriculture, energy, and consumer goods among others.

Eric has successfully developed very large and complex simulation models for several Fortune 500 companies. He has the experience working with multi-disciplinary teams to troubleshoot and formulate the best solution.

He enjoys playing golf and tennis and traveling with his family, especially to the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean, where his family is from.

Peter Webster

Peter Webster has 15 years of experience in computer simulation with a focus on material handling and distribution centers. Peter also has 15 years of experience building marketing databases for customer insight and analytics. In addition, Peter has been designing and developing user interfaces for the past 5 years.

Ken Farnsworth

Ken started doing simulation for a local material handling supplier 40 years ago, as a way to earn extra money while going to college. His targeted career was side-tracked for a while, as simulation consumed more of his time. He eventually joined with a few others to become a founding employee of AutoSimulations, Inc. There, he was lead developer of the team that created AutoMod. Many years later, he has accumulated a wealth of experience, both as a developer of AutoMod, and as a consultant using AutoMod for client projects. Have an AutoMod question? I can help.

Advisory Board

Phil Walker

Phil started his career as an engineer but soon realized he had a passion for other parts of the business, especially products, marketing and business development. He spent early parts of his software career around real-time scheduling software, and has progressed into related software and hardware businesses focused on IoT and sensor devices. He has a passion for leading teams, growing businesses and generally trying to make a positive impact.

In his free time you can find him outdoors or spending time with his family. If you have interest and a few minutes to burn, ask him about his solo’ing the infamous Baja 1000 or other motorcycle adventures.

John Sidell

John is an award winning entrepreneur and has nearly 30+ years of hands-on C-Level executive / advisory board leadership in the supply chain technology sector.  During this time, he has developed a comprehensive understanding of the Supply Chain systems market and the companies.   Throughout the 90’s John used his sales leadership, marketing and partner management skills to drive several software and technology companies to accomplish their growth goals.  

John is based in the Seattle area.   He enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids fishing and exploring the Pacific Northwest.