Mike Thompson

Mike recently retired from Applied Materials where he was a leader in Applied’s entry into the pharmaceutical plant software market where he managed marketing and was the product manager for SmartFactory Rx Operations Productivity.  He was president of AutoSimulations (acquired by Brooks Automation) where Applied’s factory planning, scheduling, and dispatch software originated.  He was a 14 year member of the Board of Directors of Cimetrix, Inc. (semiconductor equipment connectivity and control, recently acquired by PDF Solutions).  He founded MySchedule.net (workforce scheduling).  He was the CEO of Setpoint Companies (custom industrial automation equipment supplier).  He started his career at Texas Instruments in manufacturing engineering and production management.  He holds B.Sc and M.Sc degrees from Brigham Young University.  Mike is a pioneer in the field of industrial scheduling, workforce scheduling, and the application of simulation technology to industrial problems.

Mike loves basketball, cycling, old cars, and DIY projects.  With his wife Teri, they are busy raising a second family of 3 little girls, while in their 60s.