Features & Benefits

AutoMod® Simulation Modeling Software

AutoMod Software is the only 3-D simulation tool that can model the largest and most complex manufacturing and distribution systems. At Roar, we rely on AutoMod because of its power and flexibility.

Features & Benefits

AutoMod users can simulate systems of any size or level of detail — from manual operations to fully automated facilities — with true-to-scale 3-D animation to analyze complex systems.


  • 3-D virtual reality animation graphics
  • Material handling templates
  • Detailed statistics and optimization
  • Interactive modeling


  • Reduce design and development time
  • Reduce risk of operation bottlenecks
  • Model simple or complex systems
  • Highest degree of modeling accuracy
  • Enhance confidence in process design
  • Reduce risk of costly design mistakes
  • Supports capital equipment investment analysis
  • Increase worker productivity

For more than 30 years, leading firms worldwide have selected AutoMod to build highly detailed models for analysis and design to help create operational processes for complex manufacturing, distribution, and transportation systems and facilities. AutoMod continues to be THE CHOICE for professional modelers. Contact Roar Simulation for more information about versions and pricing.