Logistics Automation Systems & Technology

Roar Simulation exceeded all expectations on a project for a major US Fortune 500 retailer.

My company engaged Roar Simulation on a $40MM project for modeling a distribution center, which utilizes pick modules and a sorter system. The customer wanted to know, how best to integrate a shuttle system into the operation. In addition, the order profile for a future SKU mix had to be analyzed.

Roar Simulation developed a comprehensive data model, which determined the peak requirements for the DC. The flexible set-up of the model allowed for answering quickly any question associated with SKU, order and throughput profiles as well as replenishment demands for the shuttle system. The simulation model proved, that a continuous batch was the best operating model to incorporate the new shuttle technology most efficiently into the existing sorter. This validated the technology investment.

The ease of working with the data analysts and the simulation engineers, their experience and knowledge of distribution systems will assure that we will return to Roar Simulation for any additional work we have in the future.

Juergen Baumbach
Managing Principal

Viastore Systems North America

We have worked with the Roar Simulation team on simulation projects for a number of years. Typically, our goal is to validate our original calculations and assumptions for relatively complex material handling solutions using data provided by our clients. The Roar team are experts at gaining a full understanding of our goals, objectives, solution design and planned processes. Subsequently, building a model and applying appropriate inputs to reflect the solution and processes with optimum flexibility. The result is a clear understanding of the strengths and opportunities with the original solution design and its’ ability to achieve expected results. In addition, by modifying the inputs and or tweaking the design, we are able to further understand the design’s capacity to achieve even more benefit than originally planned.

Along the way, The Roar team is a partner, good listener, and coach.

Brad Moore
Vice President, Business Development

The Home Depot

The Home Depot is a Fortune 50 specialty retailer (ranked #23) earning more than $110B in revenues per year.  A majority of the product running through our primary Distribution channel is conveyable sized, and given our consistent growth rates year over year – fully exploring all factors that influence our maximum capacity will always be a top priority.  

We have been very pleased to be working with our friends at Roar Simulation, who have been providing us with new, powerful simulation tools as well as help with analyzing results this year.  

“Using the right tool for the job” has always been a key aspect of our corporate culture, and we feel that AutoMod excels in the specific area of modeling out the conveyable equipment designed and built for us by Honeywell / Intelligrated.  Given the large number of variables that impact throughput, having the ability to run multiple experiments in batches using AutoStat has also been very convenient.  We look forward to working with Roar in the future as we continue to explore this space.

Michael Hoag
Principle Data Scientist, Supply Chain Analytics