The primary goal at Roar Simulation is to help companies successfully apply simulation technology. Whether you are embarking on building your own in-house simulation capabilities, or you have a single automation project where simulation is required, Roar Simulation’s experts can help.

We are experienced across many industries.

When it comes to simulating automated logistics systems optimized for maximum efficiency, few can offer Roar Simulation’s level of expertise. Using simulation we have evaluated material-handling automation systems for companies across a range of industries and helped companies save millions of dollars.


We focus on the details that matter.

We don’t rely on guesswork or assumptions. Using customer data and analytics, we create simulation models that yield confidence in the results. Ensuring that conveyor control logic, vehicle controls, and other shuttle and sortation systems work seamlessly together is what we do best.

We provide training and responsive support.

Our partners offer expert-level training and online mentoring along with responsive software support for AutoMod. Why AutoMod?

We deliver results on time and on budget.

Our responsive and knowledgeable team executes projects on time, and on budget. Roar’s experienced engineers use best practices and proven simulation technology to deliver results.