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Supply chain decision-making can be challenging and mistakes costly in today’s constantly evolving supply chain environment. To evaluate decisions and reduce risk, simulation and digital twins are the key to envision how new technology will work in your environment.

With 30+ years in the industry, Roar Simulation helps companies increase the success, productivity, and cost-savings for automated material handling systems. Our expertise and team approach allow us to solve problems and address client needs to simulate automated systems for maximum efficiency.

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The Digital Twin

Roar’s simulation technology and experience in warehouse handling automation allows us to create an actual replica of the distribution system for you — the digital twin, including material handling automation, human resources, and product details — that is key to identifying issues and obstacles so that your automated system runs smoothly or integrates seamlessly with your existing operations. At Roar Simulation we use tools that we can depend on to deliver high performance digital twins that add engineering value.

Success Stories

Michael Hoag

At Home Depot, fully exploring all factors that influence our maximum capacity will always be a top priority while “using the right tool for the job” has always been a key aspect of our corporate culture. We have been very pleased to work with Roar Simulation who have provided us with new, powerful simulation tools as well as help with analyzing results. Given the large number of variables that impact throughput, having the ability to run multiple experiments has been invaluable.

Michael Hoag

Principle Data Scientist, Supply Chain Analytics
The Home Depot

Brad Moore

The Roar Simulation team is a partner, good listener, and coach. As experts, they have gained a full understanding of our goals and objectives to build a model that reflects the solution and processes with optimum flexibility. The result is a clear understanding of the strengths and opportunities with the original solution design and its ability to achieve expected results. In addition, by modifying the inputs and or tweaking the design, we are able to further understand the design’s capacity to achieve even more benefit than originally planned.

Brad Moore

Vice President, Business Development
Viastore Systems North America

Juergen Baumbach

Roar Simulation exceeded all expectations on a project for a major US Fortune 500 retailer. The ease of working with the data analysts and the simulation engineers with their experience and knowledge of distribution systems will assure that we will return to Roar Simulation for any additional work we have in the future.

Juergen Baumbach

Managing Principal
Logistics Automation Systems & Technology

Roar Talk

June 6th 2021

By: Professor Terry Young When can you base a design on your experience and when is simulation a better bet? What matters in manufacturing and log...

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